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Family-Owned & Operated Care That Makes You Feel At Home

Family-Owned & Operated Care That Makes You Feel At Home

We’ve been a trusted center for families within your community for a decade. Our staff and teachers take the time to ensure that you and everyone who walks through our doors are treated like family. Here, you’ll enjoy the blend of professional, top-tier care that brings the warmth and personalization your family deserves.

Playful Exploration & Activities Make For Greater Learning

Children learn best when they’re having fun and immersed in an engaging activity. Experience a dynamic play-based environment that nurtures curiosity, creativity, and social skills, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning adventures.

Reading, Writing, & Literacy Skills Made Fun & Captivating

From writing their name in rice to practicing letters using shaving cream, your little one will engage in literacy-based activities that keep them on their toes. Through this hands-on experience, they’ll master essential literacy skills to succeed in their future classrooms.

State-Approved As An Early Learning Coalition Provider For Demonstrating Top-Tier Learning & Care

Age-Appropriate Activities Help Them Master Math

Our age-appropriate curriculum places a strong emphasis on math through engaging activities and games, allowing them to master counting, measuring, and more. Plus, teachers differentiate lessons based on individual speed, abilities, and strengths, boosting your child’s confidence in the classroom.

A State-Approved Curriculum Skyrockets School Readiness

With over 5,000 activities ranging from math skills to reading skills, teachers create engaging lessons that meet your child’s pace and developmental stage. This incredible curriculum ensures they build all the school skills to excel above and beyond in their future schooling, academics, and eventual careers.

Nature's Classroom: Outdoor Learning Sparks Wonder

Teachers keep your child’s daily learning unique, thanks to their favorite outdoor classroom. Packed with hands-on tools, musical instruments, and more, teachers take learning outside and into the sunshine, guiding them through outdoor painting, artwork with chalk, and everything in between.

Daily Outdoor Play That Builds Healthy Bodies

Your child will love stepping onto the playground where they can enjoy the freedom to go on adventures with their friends. Climbers and play structures help them build strong muscles, turfed grounds make for safe play, and the excitement helps forge healthy, lifelong exercise habits.
WOW—A 600 Sq. Ft. Indoor Playland!

WOW—A 600 Sq. Ft. Indoor Playland!

Their eyes will light up with excitement when they enter their incredible 600 sq. ft. indoor playland. Teachers guide them through active games that get their bodies moving, help them connect with friends, and ignite their imaginations.

Looking For Meal Options?

Enjoy Affordable, Healthy, & Daily Meals For Your Convenience!

Safety First Means You Feel Comfortable & Confident

Your child deserves the greatest protection as they focus on friend-building, learning, and having fun. That’s why our center is equipped with restricted access controls, security cameras, fenced-in yards, and CPR-trained staff. You can always feel confident your little one is safe at all times.

Spotless Spaces, Smiling Faces

Other parents will rave about how spotless and clean your little learner’s environment is. Professional cleaners and teachers sanitize all toys, tools, and rooms daily, while air purifiers and electrostatic sprayers remove even the smallest of germs—keeping your child happy and healthy.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"The teachers have excellent patience to cater to my kids' specific needs..."
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My twins have been going here for almost 6 months now. My kids love their teachers, and I love the peace of mind knowing they’re well cared for. They use the Brightwheel parent app, so I constantly get updates, pictures, and videos throughout the day of my little ones. The pricing is very affordable with the amount of hours you get—I can even get off work and grocery shop before picking up my kids. The teachers have excellent patience to cater to my kids' specific needs medically and emotionally.

- Yisel Wiley

"I consider them family and am grateful for all they do for the children..."
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My son attended after-school and summer camp for 4 years, and we couldn't have been happier. My three younger children have attended summer camp for 2 years and hope to return for a few weeks this summer. Kristal even went out of her way to take a group of kids to skate practice 2 days a week so the parents didn't have to leave work early. The staff also took personal time to help me with my troubled pre-teen to improve behavior. I consider them family and am grateful for all they do for the children.

- Tylene Harris

"There is no better place to take your kids to learn martial arts..."
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I have known Professor Gallop for over 20 years. I started training with him back in 1995 at the age of 7. He has been a father figure to me all these years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in their after-school program and have seen firsthand how everyone is treated. There is no better place to take your kids to learn martial arts. Hands down, the best place to learn, period, as long as you just TRUST THE PROCESS. I am a living example of trusting the process. You will learn more about martial arts and more about yourself from Professor Gallop.

- Chris Pollock

"We've watched a 10-year-old child gain self-confidence and self-control and transform..."
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Our experience has been nothing but positive with Gallop's. We enrolled our step-grandson in summer karate camp while he was in our care and could not be happier with the results. The kids at Gallop's are treated extremely well, provided nutritious lunches and snacks, and participate in a variety of activities, including movies, swimming, bowling, skating, and karate. Gallop's handles discipline issues promptly and fairly and notifies you of any problems they've encountered. You cannot ask for a better program for kids. Thank you, Kristal, Gallop, and staff!!

- Larry Hancock

"My family and I have been training there for 4 months, experience has been awesome..."
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Great place for the whole family to train. Gallop and his staff have been wonderful. My family and I have been training there for 4 months, and the experience has been awesome. Gallop's, in my opinion, are very fair and willing to work with you if you are committed to the art.

- Don Valentine