A Community-Driven, Family-Home Feel
With A Legacy Of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, & Commitment Since 2014

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Tallahassee, FL

Our journey began in 1975 when we established a martial arts school dedicated to fostering discipline, respect, and a love for learning. In 2008, we took a significant step by acquiring a 20,000 sq ft building. As we moved into our new space, we opened the doors to our preschool in 2014.

In 2017, we expanded our educational footprint by establishing Capital Preparatory, a fully accredited K-12 private school operating as a non-profit entity (www.capitalpreptally.com). Today, we proudly provide quality education to 120 students in that program.

Our core values – Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Commitment – shape our education and childcare approach. As an Early Learning Coalition provider in Florida, we maintain a 5.5 grade, reflecting our dedication to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for every child.

A Supportive, Creative Space Fostering Growth Through Play

A Supportive, Creative Space Fostering Growth Through Play

Embracing each child’s distinctive talents, interests, and potential, our childcare approach focuses on early experiences that pave the way for a future filled with continuous learning. Committed to providing a secure, interactive, and inclusive environment, we offer a safe environment where children confidently explore, discover, and refine their skills through play.

A Decade of Dedication You Can Trust & Rely On

For over a decade, we’ve built a foundation of trust within the community, consistently delivering excellence in childcare. Families, well-acquainted with our strong reputation for providing high-quality care and education, confidently choose us for the well-being and development of their little ones in a place that feels like home.
A Decade of Dedication You Can Trust & Rely On


“To Provide An Educational Experience To All Families In An Inclusive, Quality Facility.”

Experience The Warmth Of A Family-Home Feel Paired With Professional, Top-Tier Care & Learning!